Business Day, 22 January 2016 - Time to think about the benifits of firing Zuma
Book Review - Tim Knight and Associates
Daily Maverick, 19 January - The real indictment of Thabo Mbeki
Toronto Star, 20 December - Lost Promise - South Africa two decades after Apartheid
Sunday Times, 20  December - Face it, Myburgh was a spy
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Saturday Star, 19  December - When President "Angazi" talked about Nkandla economics.
(As soon as the Sunday Times online edition is loaded a better URL will be loaded) 
John Maytham interviews John Matisonn on Radio 702 - Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan
Matisonn and Terry Bell discuss Myburgh on News24
John Maytham
Daily Maverick, 18 December - South Africa's most powerful man
Sunday Independent, 6 December - Myburgh's role is no big surprise. Link to follow. 
City Press, 6 December - Some are more equal than others - a short extract.
Mail & Guardian by John Matisonn - 4 December 2015s
SA flunked golden IT opportunities - The industry provided an incredible chance to create new jobs but the political will failed.
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The Guardian - Blair and Bush went to war in Iraq despite South Africa's WMD assurances, book states
An open letter to Daddy dearest, Tertius Myburgh
Use the link to watch to John Matisonn speaking on SABC's Media Monitoring programme 29 November 2501
Use the link below to read the full article published on 29 November in the Sunday Independent Dispatch section - front page lead
Sunday Times editor 'was a spy' - GroundUp
Daily Maverick - God, Spies and Lies: How journalists, spooks and politicians shaped South Africa. Click on the link below.
The Sunday Dispatch gave the book a front page lead - An insiders look at the making of South Africa. Click on the link below.
Netwerk 24 / Rapport  - John Matisonn: Slim is al wat ons kan red
Click on the link below to read the article